Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Live Your Passion

As a Career Consultant my passion is to come along side others to guide and coach them in their search for meaning and passion in life and work. Finding your niche, your place of impact and belonging is what everyone is searching for...How many actually feel they find it?

Passionate living starts with an attitude that expects and believes the best. Life happens, good, bad and ugly but our response can make it an opportunity or an obsticle. Believe that there is a plan for your life, believe that you can find and live out that all starts with your attitude and expectations.

Living your passion means discovering who you are and what you want from life. The greater your self understanding, the greater freedom of choice you will experience. Who am I? This incompasses your values, skills, interests, personality. As you discover this your passion will become clearer and you can start choosing to live your life in line with how it was meant to be. What do I want? To often we settle for what is instead of seeking out the answer to what do I want my life to look like. Get a vision for what can be, anything is possible and start living in accordance with that vision.

Live Your Passion means making choices day by day to live out of the truth of who you are and what you want. Life is a journey, passion is experienced along the way, it is not the destination.

Passion is also not an excuse for selfish living...the what I want question does not exclude the responsibilities and choices already made.

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